It’s time to Act Against Lungworm!

Bayer has taken great strides in increasing awareness of lungworm (Angiostrongylus vasorum). With our new campaign for 2018 we want to educate consumers about the potential dangers, so they take action against this potentially fatal disease. To help you and your practice deliver this essential information please see how you can order materials below.

Key parts of the campaign

1Consumer TV Advertising

A hard-hitting piece of communication designed to educate pet owners about the everyday dangers that could expose their dog to lungworm and to motivate them to talk to their vet. We’ve created a 30 second on-demand TV advert that will appear in phases throughout the year and a 60 second version that is available to view above.
3Practice Activation Tools

Action points for the team

  1. Use the Practice Development Workbooks to understand how you could enhance communication about parasite control with your clients
  2. Brief your team and introduce the Act Against Lungworm campaign and website
  3. Recommend your team complete the CPD assessments online
  4. Activate your waiting room with the Lungworm Toolkit to drive your clients to want to find out more and to ask for your advice

Note: Hourglass image is for artistic purposes only, not intended to be an exact representation of the size or numbers of worms in a clinical infection. Lungworm (A.vasorum) develops in the heart and pulmonary arteries of infected dogs. Symptoms vary including coughing, breathing difficulties, bleeding, general sickness and sudden death. Treatment can result in full recovery but preventative products are available.