Lungworm Marketing

Lungworm Marketing Toolkit

The Act Against Lungworm materials are designed to be used in practices, to alert your clients to the risks and dangers of Angiostrongylus vasorum, and the importance of a parasite protocol that includes prevention of this parasite. The waiting room space is an enormously effective area and, if used properly, can prompt conversation and sales. We have updated the Act Against Lungworm Waiting Room Display pack to tie in with this year’s campaign, and we have a brand new Client Leaflet and Lungworm Poster to complete the set – all available to order from the Marketing & Resources section.

Note: Hourglass image is for artistic purposes only, not intended to be an exact representation of the size or numbers of worms in a clinical infection. Lungworm (A.vasorum) develops in the heart and pulmonary arteries of infected dogs. Symptoms vary including coughing, breathing difficulties, bleeding, general sickness and sudden death. Treatment can result in full recovery but preventative products are available.