Welcome to the Jungle

It’s a jungle out there – a jungle of parasites, a jungle of products, a jungle of pets and owners with different lifestyles.

It’s a jungle out there is not a campaign with an expiry date. Instead it’s a longterm, multi-faceted communication platform to engage pet owners and inspire the vet industry. This ongoing programme is designed to help vets and vet professionals gain optimal compliance with their clients by simplifying the conversation about parasites.

It’s all about making parasite control simple.

Benefits to your practice

  • Further education will enable your staff to confidently discuss parasite protection plans with clients at every opportunity
  • Greater confidence will also help to provide a more customised service to your clients with regard to their pets’ parasite control
  • Our eye-catching 'Jungle' practice support materials will help to ensure you optimise your communication to clients about parasites
  • To encourage complience and simplify parasite protection plans.

Introduction to the Jungle

A short video outlining the Jungle programme, and how to activate it in your practice.

Components of the programme

1Consumer Awareness and Information

Research shows many pet owners do not understand the products, how to use them properly or which parasites they treat. Consumers want information and guidance from their vet practice .

We have an ongoing mix of media to educate pet owners and keep them engaged.

  • News and magazine stories through PR channels
  • Websites (itsajungle.co.uk and lungworm.co.uk)
  • Television advertising
  • Radio advertising
  • Printed collateral to collect at the practice
  • Social media (Facebook and Twitter)
  • The Jungle App – parasite protection plans in your pocket! Have all your pet-related reminders in one place

The promotion of these mechanisms is staggered throughout each year to keep the profile up and momentum going. We’ll keep the Jungle top of mind with pet owners, you need to be ready to pro-actively leverage the parasite conversation with them.

2Vet Professional Education and Preparation
3Parasite Protection Plans
4Practice Activation Tools

Action points for the team

  1. Use the Practice Development Workbooks to understand how you could enhance communication about parasite control with your clients
  2. Brief your team and introduce the Jungle Programme and website
  3. Recommend your team complete the CPD assessments online
  4. Ensure your team understands the product partnership examples
  5. Activate your waiting room with The Jungle Toolkit and get ready to have a conversation with your client